A philosophy of beauty and health with a spotlight on you


At Aria Aesthetics and Wellness, we aspire to enhance your natural looks to maintain youthfulness and well-being while balancing the effects of time. Our intent is to make you look as good as you feel by incorporating medical aesthetics with wellness education.


At our boutique medical spa, we aim to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic treatments in a pleasant, relaxing environment. Our focus is establishing a personal clinician-client relationship. We will provide custom services with individualized plans created around your desires and goals with the use of advanced treatment options to maximize results.  Our goal is to produce excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your own aesthetic and wellness aspirations. We assure your safety, comfort, and confidentiality.


Aria Aesthetic & Wellness was founded by us, Emily Goodrich and Lisa Ahlberg. We are both nurse practitioners with a combined clinical practice experience of 40 years. Our journey started an ocean apart, with Emily born in Johnston City, Tennessee, and Lisa born in Stockholm, Sweden. Our paths crossed in 2013, and soon after our dream of Aria Aesthetics & Wellness was born.

Read our biographies below.


Emily Goodrich, NP

I am a proud wife to a contractor named Britt, mommy to a sweet, adventurous red headed little boy and I am in love with anything that has to do with steel drums, sand, water and sunshine.

I am a (former) attempted triathlete, and now embracing this season as the champion of the HIIT workout in my own basement gym (party of one). Since graduating nursing school in 1995 and Nurse practitioner school in 2000, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to treat patients in various settings- the majority being in critical care, cardiology, and the cardiac surgery settings.

Over the past decade, I have developed a love for aesthetics, fitness and nutrition. Through Aria Aesthetics & Wellness, my vision and goal is to make others feel healthy and proud of their presentation, so they can set out to confidently achieve their goals! 


  • East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee: College of Nursing| Bachelor Degree |
  • East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee: College of Nursing | Masters Degree in Family Nurse Practitioner |
  • Empire Medical Training, NYC – Atlanta – Charlotte | Medical Aesthetics |

Lisa Ahlberg, NP

Wife, mother, daughter, beach lover, world traveler, worlds slowest runner, and a born and raised Swedish girl.

Enthusiastic and inquisitive medical professional since 1995, with work experiences ranging from chemical engineering to research to critical care.

My goal is to help you maintain your own natural look. That is why we designed the procedures we offer at Aria around restoring and preserving you, not changing you.

Education has always been a central part in all my clinical positions. My goal is to educate on what improves both mind, health, and well-being. A glowing, youthful appearance starts with a healthy mind and body.


  • Lund University: Lunds Tekniska Högskola, Lund, Sweden: Chemical Engineering | Bachelor Degree, 1st year |
  • Lund University, Lund, Sweden: School of Nursing | Bachelor Degree, 1st year |
  • Capital University, Columbus, Ohio: College of Nursing | Bachelor Degree, Completion |
  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio: College of Nursing | Masters Degree in Adult Nurse Practitioner |
  • Empire Medical Training, NYC – Atlanta – Charlotte | Medical Aesthetics |


Our boutique medical spa is located within Swerve Salon and Spa.

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