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At Aria Aesthetics and Wellness, we aspire to enhance your natural looks to maintain youthfulness and well-being while balancing the effects of time. Our intent is to make you look as good as you feel by incorporating medical aesthetics with wellness education.


At Aria boutique medical spa, we aim to provide the highest quality medical aesthetic treatments in a pleasant, relaxing environment. Our focus is establishing a personal clinician-client relationship. We will provide custom services with individualized plans created around your desires and goals with the use of advanced treatment options to maximize results.  Our goal is to produce excellent, natural-looking results in harmony with your own aesthetic and wellness aspirations. We assure your safety, comfort, and confidentiality.





Emily Goodrich, NP


Emily Goodrich graduated nursing school with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing  in 1995 from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and then her Masters of Science in Nursing , specialty as Family Nurse practitioner in 2000 from, ETSU as well.

She has  sense worked the majority of the past 20 years in cardiac surgery as well as critical care as a NP- from Johnson City, Tennessee, Emory Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia and then Atrium Healthcare in Charlotte, NC.
In 2017, after 22 yrs at the bedside- Emily decided to follow a long felt passion of hers, and she fell in love with the art of aesthetics. She then decided to take a leap of faith and begin certification through Empire medical Training and then began Aria Aesthetics- a boutique med spa.
Emily has 2 wonderfully wild little boys-  one a total red/orange head. She started her family a little later in life ( according to the elder pregnancy guidelines:) – which is her ‘why” and inspiration for making a career change, after so many years in critical care.  But, Since the beginning of this journey- the love of aesthetics and the opportunity to make someone feel better about themselves and to put a pep in their step, has been greater reward  than ever anticipated!.
Through Aria Aesthetics & Wellness, her vision and goal is to make others feel healthy and proud of their presentation, so they can set out to confidently achieve their goals!
Dr. Wendy G Brick is her  current Medical Supervisor, who is also trained by Empire Medical.


  • East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee: College of Nursing| Bachelor Degree |
  • East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee: College of Nursing | Masters Degree in Family Nurse Practitioner |
  • Empire Medical Training, NYC – Atlanta – Charlotte | Medical Aesthetics |


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