Unlike other hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, and electrolysis, laser hair removal is an efficient way to permanently reduce hair growth and has thus become the gold standard. At Aria Aesthetics and Wellness, we provide state of the art laser hair removal with our LightPod Neo® from Aerolase®. This high-powered 1064 nm laser can treat any skin type. Your safety is our primary concern and you can have confidence knowing that all laser treatments are performed by a certified nurse practitioner.


Your face will be washed with a gentle cleanser. You will be provided with eye protection to wear during the procedure. A small hand piece or “wand” is placed against your skin and the laser is activated. The hand piece is repositioned and the laser is activated again. The size or the area treated will determine the number of laser activations, or “pulses,” required. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure and at most will feel similar to a rubber band snapping lightly against your skin.

Our experts at Aerolase® recommend a series of five to seven treatments spaced four to six weeks apart.


Immediately after the treatment the skin will look pink and slightly swollen, similar to sunburn, and raised red bumps (similar to mosquito bites) will appear. This will subside within 72 hours and the skin will return to normal. Occasionally, a patient will have temporary pigment changes, blistering or scabbing. In the unlikely event of blistering, we recommend keeping the area moist with Neosporin® ointment.

Results after four treatments with the LightPod Neo® from Aerolase®


Follow this link to view the pre and post treatment information and to review the consent form. FORMS

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